The Aztec Advantage

The Aztec Advantage is AZTEC’s Total Design-Build Solutions method of project delivery which has been carefully developed to place our clients in control of cost, schedule and a quality outcome.

AZTEC’s Total Design-Build Solutions is an integrated approach to facility development. We provide a single source for all facility planning, design and construction services, and assume undivided responsibility for budget, schedule and quality. The Total Design-Build Solutions program was developed by AZTEC to place the client in control of cost, schedule and a quality outcome. The goal of the program is the maximize value by implementing a method of project delivery that consistently exceeds our clients expectations. AZTEC makes this goal a reality by employing a two phase contractual approach.

In the Preliminary Design and Budgeting phase, AZTEC works in partnership with the client to develop a facility concept and performs sufficient preliminary engineering to establish a definitive cost and schedule for the project. Alternative systems and methodologies are evaluated with the goal of providing the best overall value to the client. A scope work is established and plans are completed in sufficient detail to yield a lump sum price to and definitive project schedule. At the completion of this phase, a very small percentage of the total project cost has been expended, yet the total cost and time at risk have been clearly quantified based upon a mutually agreeable scope of work.

In the Final Design and Construction phase, AZTEC applies its structured methodology to prepare construction documents and execute competitive procurement and construction in an overlapping sequence.

  • AZTEC’s Total Design-Build Solutions program produces several key benefits for our clients:
  • Makes the facility development process easy by providing single source responsibility.
  • Provides client maximum input on and control of design, cost and schedule.
  • Undivided responsibility for all project requirements from planning and design through construction, start-up and warranty.
  • Team collaboration eliminates the typical designer/contractor adversarial relationship facilitating a seamless design to construction process.
  • Maximizes value.
  • Early identification of cost through reliable, accurate estimates even at conceptual stages of the project allows our clients the confidence that they can make critical planning decisions.
  • Examination of options, costs and alternatives during the value engineering process, maximizes the value of every dollar spent on the project.
  • Constructability reviews virtually eliminate change orders.
  • Compresses the project schedule. Design and construction activities are performed concurrently.
  • Critical path scheduling fast tracks the project delivery process.
  • The client’s facility is operational faster, which reduces interest on capital and enables the client to generate a return on investment sooner.
  • Delivers quality and elimination of surprises.
  • Comprehensive plan reviews and project inspections emphasize prevention of problems.
  • Vendors and subcontractors are pre-qualified on critical project elements.
  • With undivided accountability, responsibility for defects or non-performance cannot shift to another party.
  • Warranty related items are controlled and corrected quickly and properly.
  • Aztec’s 25 year weather-tightness warranty on pre-engineered standing seam roofs leads the industry.
  • A one-year post occupancy inspection identifies any design or construction related potential defects and arranges correction or repair.

Front-End Services

  1. Master Planning
  2. Site Location and Selection
  3. Site Assessment
  4. Regulatory Analysis
  5. Facility Assessment
  6. Architectural Programming
  7. Design-Build Project Criteria
  8. Permit Acquisition
  9. Digital Visualization

Collaborative Design/Build

  1. Services
  2. Architecture
  3. Space Planning
  4. Interior Design
  5. Engineering
  6. Critical Path Scheduling
  7. Construction
  8. Quality Assurance
  9. Equipment Installation
  10. Facilities Management and
  11. Maintenance

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